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Article: Florida Water - Meaning, Origin, Uses and How to make it

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Florida Water - Meaning, Origin, Uses and How to make it

Florida Water is scented water made with natural ingredients that we can commonly find such as lavender, rosemary, cinnamon, citrus, alcohol and water. Below you can see the formula so you can easily prepare it at home. 

florida water

What is Florida water and what is it used for

The origin of flowery water dates back to the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries . Or originally it was created by Spanish alchemists as a cologne or perfume for personal use. The cologne quickly became popular due to its pleasant aroma and its cooling properties.

Currently the flowery water can be used as: Cologne, to care for the skin, relieve tired feet with a massage. It is also a disinfectant and can be used as a cleaner, adding that magical touch to household chores. Other uses of flowery water since the 18th century: meditations, energy cleansing and relaxation.

Its delicious aroma will make you want to incorporate it in a multitude of ways in your daily life, it is also very easy to prepare and we will explain how below.

How to make Florida water

The recipe for florida water is simple and you can adjust it to your liking with practice, varying the dose of the ingredients or adding one that vibrates with you at that moment. Trust your intuition and have fun preparing this Florida water recipe.

  • We will need: 3 different citrus fruits : you can choose between: lemon, grapefruit, orange, tangerine, lime...
  • fresh lavender , 1 bunch
  • fresh rosemary , 1 bunch
  • Cloves , you can choose a number that goes with you, for my last preparation I chose 7
  • Cinnamon stick ⅔ sticks or 1 tablespoon powder
  • dried mint 1 bunch
  • 2 containers with lids, one for macerating and the other will be the final container
  • Other ingredients that you want to use such as: essential oils, rose petals, jasmine...
  • Alcohol of 96 , white vodka or brandy.
  • Distilled water or, failing that, boiled or mineral water.


Florida water what is it used for?
  1. After washing the ingredients we will separate the rinds from the citrus fruits avoiding the white part.
  2. We will break the cinnamon sticks by hand or with the help of a mortar.
  3. We split the mint in the same way.
  4. Now we add all the ingredients in the container and we will cover 80/85% of the content with the alcohol that we have selected and the rest with the water.
  5. We will rest the content in a cool, dark and dry place (such as the inside of a closet) and we will let it rest for 30 days, shaking it once a day.
  6. We can intention it by projecting what we want it to bring to our lives while we stir it up.
  7. After this time we will strain it with a cloth strainer and we will change it to the final container.
  8. Now we only have to enjoy this versatile and special preparation.

How to use florida water

What is the use of flowery water in witchcraft?

In witchcraft, flowery water is considered a symbolic element and is used for various purposes , such as energy cleansing, protection, blessings, and attraction of positive energies. The aroma and properties of the herbs and essences present in agua florida are believed to have magical and spiritual properties.

Some ways in which flowery water is used in witchcraft are:

  • Cleaning and purification : It is used to clean negative or stagnant energies in people, objects or spaces. It can be sprayed or used as a wash to purify and refresh the aura or environment.
  • Protection : It is believed that flowery water can create a protective barrier against negative energies, the evil eye or undesirable influences. It is applied by spraying it around the person or space, or used in protection rituals.
  • Blessings and rituals : It is used to bless sacred objects, amulets, talismans or altars. It can also be used in specific rituals to attract blessings, good luck, or prosperity.
  • Attraction of positive energies : It is said that the aroma of flowery water has properties to attract positive vibrations, love, friendship, money or opportunities. It can be used in rituals or as a personal perfume to enhance these intentions.

It is important to note that the use of agua florida in witchcraft varies according to the traditions and individual preferences of the practitioners. It is always advisable to do additional research and learn from reliable sources if you wish to use agua florida or any other element in your spiritual or magical practices.

Where to buy Florida water

If you are not so interested in making the water and prefer to buy it already prepared, even though it may contain unnatural substances

The best place to find Florida water is by doing an online search, and Amazon is probably the most convenient place to buy it.

Whether you prepare the florida water on your own or buy it, I hope it helps you with its properties. Tell us what you have used it for and how Florida water has helped you and we will be happy to read you.


¡chingas a tu madre alv!, la informción está que flipas de cojones… jolines.

saludos desde bogotá

eduardo torres

Muy agradecido por la receta, siempre quise saber como hacerla , muchas bendiciones para ustedes, saludos desde Uruguay.


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