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Article: Tricks to easily put on your silver earrings with tube closure

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Tricks to easily put on your silver earrings with tube closure

In this new article we want to teach you tricks so that you can easily put on your silver earrings with tube closure.

These hoop earrings , especially the small ones, are somewhat complicated to put on but once we have them on they are super comfortable and we can even sleep with them without discomfort.

To make things easier for you, we have created a visual guide so that you can easily see the steps to put on silver earrings without complications.

How to put hoop earrings

how to put on silver earrings

We hope this guide has helped you. We know that many people suffer putting on these earrings but with these tricks you will surely be able to continue enjoying them if you had already given up trying to put them on.


Another style of silver earrings that we have at Alvent are those with a click closure, they are more comfortable to put on and take off, but sometimes with use and a lot of pressure they can become unadjusted.

That is why we have created a video to easily explain how to adjust them in case you have a ring that does not close correctly.

We hope this article has helped you to put on your hoop earrings with tube closure or to adjust and leave your hoops with click closure as the first day.

In any case, you can contact us through the chat, which you have right here on the right side, or through Whatsapp and email by clicking here.

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