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Article: Types of ear piercings, names and location chart

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Types of ear piercings, names and location chart

There are several types of piercings that can be done in the ear. If you want to know what ear piercings are called and where they are put, here is a list of the most common and detailed piercing names one by one:

ear piercings names

Ear piercing chart

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Lobe Piercing

It is the most common piercing and is performed in the soft part of the earlobe.

ear piercing names

Tragus Piercing

It is found in the small cartilage that sticks out in front of the ear canal.

tragus ear piercing

Tragus Piercing

It is placed just in front of the tragus, on the opposite side of the ear canal.

Helix Piercing

It is the piercing that is made in the upper part of the cartilage of the ear.

Forward Helix Piercing

It is located in front of the helix, near the head.

names of ear piercings

Rook Piercing

It is located in the antihelix part, in the inner part of the ear, in the upper fold.

Daith Piercing

It is done in the inner crease of the ear, just above the ear canal.

piercing names

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Conch Piercing

It is located in the concha of the ear, which is the deep cavity of the cartilage.

Industrial Piercing

It consists of a piercing that goes through the helix of the ear with a straight bar.

Snug Piercing

It is placed on the portion of the antihelix cartilage that is closest to the face.

Orbital Piercing

It involves two piercings connected by a bar, usually in the helix.

Cross Piercing

It is placed horizontally anywhere on the ear cartilage.

Ear Piercing

It is a general term for piercings that are done on the outside of the ear.

Vertical Tragus Piercing

It is performed on the cartilage vertically instead of horizontally.

It is important to remember that terminology and names can vary depending on location and personal preferences. Also, new piercing techniques can constantly be developed, so this list is not exhaustive. It is always advisable to go to an experienced and certified professional to perform any type of piercing.

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