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Article: What does it mean to dream about jewels?

soñar con joyas que significa

What does it mean to dream about jewels?

Jewelry has been with us for thousands of years, it is a very important accessory that improves the appearance of the person who wears it, that is why dreaming of jewelry is related to the material, below we will see the different types of dreams you can have with jewelry and their meaning.

dream of gold jewelry

dream of gold jewelry

If you are wondering what it means to dream of gold jewelry, rejoice because it is something good.

According to experts, the dreams in which we appear with gold jewelry have the meaning that we are going through a good time in our lives, that everything is working out or is going to work out, and that you are on your way to achieving the objectives that you have set for yourself.

This sounds good but there are still more perceptions that dream scholars qualify. If you are single or single, new opportunities to find a partner may open up, since we are going through a good time in our lives, we are confident and we feel good. So congratulations and enjoy.

dream of jewels and precious stones

Dreaming of jewels and precious stones

If in your dreams you find yourself dreaming of jewels and precious stones, you will be wondering what it means. Let me tell you that it is a good thing, dreaming of jewels in most cases has to do with the material plane.

According to Oneiromancers (experts in the study and interpretation of the meaning of dreams) when you dream of jewels and precious stones it can be interpreted as that you can experience radical changes in your life, for this you will have to be attentive to the opportunities that present themselves. see the signs.

pick up jewelry from the ground

Dreaming of picking up jewelry from the ground

You just woke up and you remember that you dreamed that you found and picked up jewels from the ground and you ask yourself -- What does it mean? It could mean two things, let's analyze it.

If in the dream you were happy while you found the jewels and picked them up, it is a good sign. According to experts, the dreamer could experience new opportunities in terms of work and love. On the other hand, if in the dream you felt stressed or with a feeling of despair, it could mean something totally different. This type of dream could mean that economic problems are coming due to greed and economic problems in business. So it's time to be cautious and be on your guard.

It may also be the case that in your dream you find old jewels, hidden like a treasure or stored in an old trunk. If this has been your dream, you will love what Oneiromancy says about it: It means unexplored wisdom or that you could discover it.

dream of many jewels

dream of many jewels

Another way in which you can dream of jewelry is that you appear in your dream with a lot of jewelry on or that you have a lot of jewelry in your jewelry box, for example. In this case, the experts agree that this dream is closely related to envy. It is recommended to be alert as you could be letting yourself be carried away by the game of appearances leading the people around you to move away from you.

Even so, we can talk about a nuance in this type of dream with jewels, and that is that if we saw that this amount of jewelery is worn by someone close to us, such as family or friends, we would be facing a person who could have two faces and appear to be someone. it's not.

dream about earrings

dream about earrings

To know what it means to dream about earrings, you will have to analyze the dream a little more. I explain.

In the dream, if those earrings are made of gold, then we will have that we are dreaming of gold jewelry, so we can refer to the upper part. Even so, I'll tell you in advance, it's a good sign! Go back to the top and read the meaning of dreaming about gold jewelry.

On the other hand, we may dream of many earrings, and that in addition to finding them, we are facing a good omen: economic growth and abundance.

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I dream of à friend of mine give me a good earing to seil for him


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