Your new silver earrings

Explore our collection of 925 silver earrings. The earrings are a super popular and widely worn jewel that make you feel good as well as being another form of expression and style.

Depending on your taste, you can choose silver earrings or earrings with a snap lock. Either will suit you and accompany you in your day to day becoming an essential accessory.

La plata de ley es un material perfecto para los pendientes, ya que permite formas complejas, permite que la joya pese poco y sea más cómodo para la oreja y, por último, es muy fácil de limpiar. If you want to know how to clean silver at home we have an article where we explain you how to do it.

If gold is more your color, in this collection we also offer you gold-plated silver earrings. This way you can wear a silver jewel with a gold finish, which even though it may disappear with time, it maintains its value and durability as it is 925 sterling silver.