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Article: Crescent Moon Meaning and symbolism

colgante luna invertida

Crescent Moon Meaning and symbolism

The moon has been an object of admiration since humans began to look at the sky, which is why it is not surprising that during the thousands of years that we have been on earth this star has become a symbol used in many civilizations as an amulet. , decoration and magic.

crescent moon symbol

What does the crescent moon mean?

The inverted moon is primarily a symbol of protection. Ancient Rome has a specific name for this type of inverted crescent: The Lunula. In turn, this moon gives its name to the Amulet that contains it

This amulet was an crescent moon necklace that was given to girls to protect them. It was a magical protection amulet against evil forces, demons and witchcraft, but above all against the evil eye.


Instead, children on their ninth day of birth received the Bulla, a locket-like pendant, also for their protection.

Other meanings of the crescent moon

  • Some of the first to use this type of moon were the Egyptians, and they did so simply to represent the moon in their famous hieroglyphics.
  • In the 9th century AD, the inverted moon began to be used, this time with the points facing up. It was carried by men on their shields and it meant that this person was the second son of the family. Curious isn't it? The rest also had their own symbol as you can see in the image below
moon symbolism


  • Also with the tips up, the goddesses Artemis and Astarte carried it as a symbol.
crescent moon meaning

The inverted crescent moon is an amulet and an iconic symbol, which has been with us for centuries and will continue to be with us in the future. A classic that in the form of an inverted moon pendant we can always carry with us just as it was worn in ancient Rome for protection.

crescent moon necklace

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