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Article: How to dress and be elegant in 7 easy steps

como ser mas elegante

How to dress and be elegant in 7 easy steps

As many women advance in age, we want to project the best of ourselves, we have evolved and becoming an elegant woman is a symbol of success, self-esteem and class.

The RAE defines an elegant person as one who has good taste and distinction to dress revealing refinement.

Here we give you 7 tricks so you can discover how to dress elegant and simple.

Get inspired to elevate your own style

Don't give up who you are, simply ask yourself how your ideal self would dress, the best version of yourself is there to achieve an elegant look . It is important that you get inspired but adapting your own personality.

For example, if you love how red lips look but you don't feel like yourself, it may be more interesting (at least until you develop confidence), that you try brown, maroon or neutral tones. If you love group or message t-shirts, wear them with a suit jacket and heels. Innovate, create, flow but do not give up your essence. After all, our way of dressing is one more expression that helps us describe who we are without the need for words. It is also interesting to observe the common factors that have the photos that you like, and the styles that you can see on the street, on TV, in magazines, etc.

Once you have detected that image, go to your closet and identify what clothes you can see yourself like this with. You will be surprised at the life you can give to your usual clothes by making adjustments, combining them differently and playing with accessories. Above all, remember to have a good time and enjoy the journey.

dress elegant
This is a good example of how to wear a casual look for women, as well as elegant without giving up your style.

How to dress elegant and simple

Simplicity is key to feeling that you have managed to elevate your outfit. Dressing in neutral tones helps us project a "clean" image.

A nude blazer with straight or skinny jeans and a white T-shirt can be key with a neat and careful bow, braid or loose hair. If you add a small bag and sunglasses to this, it will be very difficult to go wrong when achieving an elegant women's look. Elegant women's clothing is already in your closet, you just have to play a little with it.

If you are a color lover, embrace monochrome looks with brushstrokes in white, black or ecru. Add earrings with a touch of sparkle, hoops or pearls for an easy and definitely elegant look.

Change and play with jacket suits, combining them with shirts, t-shirts or fine sweaters and reach an unlimited series of outfits with which you will feel invincible, with these simple steps we will have touched on the key points to know how to dress elegant and simple.

Opt for simple makeup

Simple makeup allows you to enhance your attractiveness without being artificial, it is also important to have well-groomed eyebrows and well-exfoliated and hydrated lips. In addition, simplicity in makeup is quick and easy to achieve. It will be another way to get the best out of yourself without giving up your essence.

Safety as a foundation

We pay more and more attention to body language and it is not surprising since it reveals much more about us than we think.

Walking straight, leaning towards your interlocutor or crossing your arms and legs at the same time reveals how you feel at all times and in most cases, being involuntary, will be a sincere and involuntary way of who you really are and what your intentions are.

For this reason, we recommend that you have an upright position and walk with confidence to project an image of strength and security that will undoubtedly attract many glances.

elegant woman look


If there is something that exudes elegance, it is undoubtedly culture.

Being able to hold an elevated conversation about general culture, values, current affairs or personal growth will help you raise your self-concept by generating self-esteem and confidence, so we encourage you to enrich this aspect of your life.

casual look

Take courses, look for books that interest you, learn new things every day and be humble by acknowledging that you don't know something or that you appreciate being given more information that you were unaware of since firstly you cannot know EVERYTHING and secondly, Instead of feeling good about yourself, you will provide the magnificent opportunity for other people to express themselves and enjoy communicating data or facts that they know and in the process you will be learning something new.

In addition to this, try to be a woman of her word who keeps her promises, since you will gain authority and others will know that you are a person they can trust.


It is common to think that clothes are everything in terms of style, but we are not wrong.

The details are really important, in the first place they help us to create a unique look since many of us opt for simple garments in a palette of beige, grey, brown or black colors or we can buy the same garment as many other girls. For this reason, details such as a scarf tied to a bag can be refreshing and provide that special and unique touch that will help us distinguish ourselves from many other people who may use a similar product.

how to be more elegant

Just like wearing a necklace with a sparkle or a chunky chain, they can add character and personality to our outfit. Jewelry is another form of expression that will complement our way of dressing and being elegant, and the ones in the photo above can be found in our online store.

The final touch to be elegant

Something as important as it is invisible is perfume, a perfume with which you identify can become a sign of identity, as well as intoxicating, recording memories in your loved ones. The aromas are part of a subtle and ephemeral identity that will accompany us for many years and will transport us to places and moments.

Make sure you have this mark on yourself and you will be giving a gift to others as well.

how to be elegant

Finally, we would like to comment on the importance of not dressing with wrinkles, removing pet hair before leaving home, cleaning shoes and making sure that our clothes do not have pills.

It may seem obvious, but in the art of elegance, insignificant details like these can tarnish our image, taking us away from that class and distinction that we are so close to achieving. For this reason, take a quick look before leaving home and you will have achieved excellence.

Thanks to this review you are prepared to become your best version

We believe in you and we hope you do too.

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