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Article: Famous ear piercings

piercing oreja mujer

Famous ear piercings

The ear piercings of celebrities always attract attention due to the risky combinations that some tend to wear and, on the other hand, other celebrities opt for more classic earrings and ear piercings that, well combined, create a very top look.


Beyoncé often changes her ear piercings quite a bit. In this image he shows a fairly loaded van that could well have been caught in Alvent. 😄

famous ear piercing

One of the ear piercings that the famous Beyoncé wears and that we love is the Alexia Piercing and that you can take a look at and take it home with you.

famous ear piercing earrings

See Piercing Alexia

charlie d'amelio

Queen of Tiktok and influencer par excellence of the new generations, Charlie always wears combinations of silver earrings and ear piercings that attract attention, like a good celebrity.

famous ear piercing
If you want a combination of ear piercings like Charlie we make it super easy for you: Adina Earring or Clover Piercing, Click Curl Earrings, Kendra Earrings and a Star piercing. We leave you the collection below of the earrings that we have named you. Charlie has a piercing in almost every position of the ear such as the conch and the Helix, he only lacks the tragus to complete.


tragus piercing ear celebrities
Aitana is always fashionable in the trend of piercings and earrings for the ear. Well established in the cast of celebrities, Aitana wears a simple combination of piercings in her ear. He has made it clear, a main one that sets style such as the Click&Charm Star Ring, after this, three small earrings such as the Piercing shine and to crown the combination a Click Pinck Ring in the Helix of the ear.

Sarah Carbonero

sara carbonero piercing ear famous
Sara Carbonero normally wears a combination of simple ear piercings.
If you want combinations of piercings similar to these celebrities or you want to be inspired by their looks, we leave you here a collection of earrings so you can create them.

See more piercings like these

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