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Article: Ring sizes and how to know yours

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Ring sizes and how to know yours

When we buy rings we find it difficult to know how the sizes of the rings are going, if it will be big or small and if we can change it.

  • How to know your ring size
  • How to measure ring size.
  • Men's ring sizes.
  • Ring size equivalence.
  • Advice on ring sizes

  • At Alvent we help you right away with ring size changes, it's something normal and we do it encantad@s.
    Even so, getting it right the first time is the most comfortable and fastest way, so we want to explain how you can easily know your ring size.

    How to know your ring size.

    When we want a silver ring for a specific finger and we don't have any ring at home that we can get the size of, there are several things we can do to know our size.

    Ring sizes in Spain can be measured in cm or mm, but the most common thing in any jewelry is to use the size number as in footwear that has an equivalence with the ring size in mm.

    This size equivalence is with the measurement of the circumference of our finger. Let's go there!

    Step 1

      We take a cord or strip of paper no wider than 3mm. The cord should not be elastic or very thick.
      ring sizes

        Step 2

        We wind the thread around the finger and mark where one end coincides with the thread. In the illustration below you can see it. It is important not to tighten it too much since the measurement will not be true.

          women ring sizes

          Step 3

          Once the measurement is marked on the thread, we extend it and measure the length with a ruler. Write down this number well.

          Step 4

          Surely you have obtained a number between 48mm and 70mm, the size equivalence is very simple and follow the following rule:

          • 48mm > Size 8
          • 50mm > Size 10
          • 52mm > Size 12
          • 54mm > Size 14

          In other words, for ring size 54 its equivalence is size 14 . If you subtract 40 from the millimeters of the circumference, the number you get is the size.

          See silver rings

          How to measure ring size

          Now I am going to explain quickly how the sizes of the rings are measured.

          If you already have a ring and want a new one for that same finger, it is easier and more accurate to obtain the size. Or you also want to give someone a ring and you need to size it up 😉.

          ring sizes

          Step 1

          We need a ruler and the ring we want to get the size of.

          Step 2

          We measure the inner diameter of the ring as accurately as possible without rounding. The rule should divide the circumference in half, if we do not put it correctly we will obtain a smaller size. Look at the illustration above.

          Step 3

          Mark that measurement well because we have to do a quick multiplication. In our case we are going to put the inner diameter as 1.65cm. We have to multiply this number by 3.1416 (the famous number pi). The resulting number is the ring size in European format.


          16.5 x 3.1416 = 51.83 >> 52 (we round)

          Step 4

          We take the equivalence of the size to be able to know what it would be in Alvent or any other jewelry in Spain. As we have seen previously, the European size has a direct equivalence with the Spanish one. We simply have to subtract 40 from the number obtained , in this case it would be 52 - 40 = 12, this would be the size of the ring.

          Men's ring sizes 

          You may be wondering if there is any other method to get the men's ring size, but as you can imagine it is the same as the previous methods.

          Normally men have the largest size ranging from size 18 to 24, but it will depend on the finger and hand.

          See rings for men

          Ring size equivalence

          To make things easier for you, I am going to leave you a table with the equivalence of ring sizes, European >> Spanish >> American, which are the ones you will work with the most.

          Size 48 equals size 8 >> US size 4 1/2

          Size 50 equals size 10 >> US size 5 1/4

          Size 52 equals size 12 >> US size 6

          Size 54 equals size 14 >> US size 6 3/4

          Size 56 equals size 16 >> US size 7 1/2

          Size 58 equals size 18 >> US size 8 1/4

          Size 60 equals size 20 >> US size 9

          Size 62 equals size 22 >> US size 9 3/4

          Size 64 equals size 24 >> US size 10 1/2

          Size 66 equals size 26 >> US size 11 1/4

          Advice on ring sizes.

          • The skillful hand will always have one size larger than the other. You should take this into account if you are going to buy a ring for someone or if you are trying one on in our jewelry stores. It can also be used to change the hands of the rings, since in summer our hands swell and squeeze us and it can be uncomfortable to wear them at times.
          • In Summer/Winter the fingers change in size so some ring may be too big for you or it may come off due to the change in temperature. Keep this in mind when buying your rings.
          • Adjustable rings allow you to vary the size and adapt them to different situations, but they also have a limit with which you can play.
          • A very thin ring and another very wide one of the same size may not suit you the same since the width will take up more space and you will notice it more precisely.
          • We recommend not wearing rings while practicing sports or weights as they can be deformed.
          I hope this ring size guide has been useful to you. Now that you know how to size your fingers and rings, it will be easier for you to buy silver rings online at Alvent.
          In any case, I remind you that with any questions you have you can contact us through the web chat, through Instagram and by email and we will help you enchanted. We hope it has helped you, thank you very much for reading us.

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