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Article: How to put on an earring without a hole | ear cuff

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How to put on an earring without a hole | ear cuff

Today I am going to tell you how to easily put on an earring without a hole, also commonly called Ear cuffs , or false earrings .

It is very simple but it is convenient to follow a few quick steps so as not to deform or break it due to mishandling. At the end of the article you have a video we made for Alvent's Instagram Reels where you can see it in a more dynamic way.

First step to put on an earring without a hole

The first thing we must do is heat the earring. We can do it by putting it in our hands and waiting a few seconds.

It is necessary since sterling silver becomes more brittle when it is cold and could break. When heated, it becomes more flexible, which will allow us to open it a bit to be able to adjust it well to the ear.

Second step to put on the silver ear cuff

Now that our earring without hole is hot we can open it a little, very little, it is worth doing it several times if necessary.

Once opened a little, we introduce it into the upper cartilage of the ear. If we want it there we simply press. If we want it in the middle part of the ear, we just have to lower it keeping it in the ear using the cartilage as a rail, adjust it and tighten.

Remember that when opening and tightening the earring without a hole it must be hot and you must do it slowly and little by little so as not to break it.

Finally, check that it is securely attached by moving it with your fingers and shaking your head a bit (be careful not to get dizzy :P)

It would be that simple. Now, what if I want to take it off?

Simply pick it up and rotate it inward towards your ear (i.e. forward) as you pull it out. It is NOT necessary to open it as it could break.

Here below you have the Reels that we made explaining it quickly.

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Now that you know how to wear an ear cuff, we recommend you take a look at the earrings without holes that we have at ALVENT. 😍

earrings without hole

We hope you liked it. If you want more tricks for your silver earrings, do not hesitate to see other articles that we have, such as the one in which we explain how to put on silver hoops or how to adjust your earrings to always wear them perfectly.

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