On which ear to wear a men's earring

You're probably thinking about getting your first earring and want to know where a man usually gets his ear pierced.

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Most men, due to a myth from many years ago, wear a man's earring in the left ear, since wearing it in the right ear was said to be for homosexual men. A silly thing, but it seems that it has remained and I will tell you below how it was born, just out of curiosity.

But if you just wanted to know where to make your earring you know that there is a clear trend towards the left ear but nothing will happen if you do it on the right because you like it more.

The fashion for men's earrings is clear, and although there are many types of earrings for men, the winner is the hoop earring, which is usually worn as a piercing in the helix or main lobe.

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Why did wearing a men's earring in the right ear mean being gay?

No one knows exactly how it originated that wearing a man's earring in the left ear is being straight and if you wear it in the other ear is being homosexual, it is as absurd as thinking that if you wear it in both ears is that you are bisexual.

Even so, it was used as a code in the 60s and 70s to communicate, in the style of"hanky code" or handkerchief code.

As a curiosity I will tell you that the first ones to get a silver and gold piercing for men were our beloved pirates.

They believed that they brought them luck, wearing them gave them better vision and could even cure it. Also if they were gold and perished at sea, this could pay for the burial once they found the body.

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Now that you know more about men's earrings and some curiosity to tell your friends, I invite you to take a look at our collection of men's earrings.

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