Ring size guide and how to find your ring size

When we buy rings online we are faced with the difficulty of knowing how the ring sizes go, if it will be big or small and if we will be able to change it.

  • How to know your ring size in millimeters.
  • How to measure ring size.
  • Men's ring sizes.
  • Advice on ring sizes

  • In Alvent we help you right away with ring size changes, it is something normal and we are happy to do it.
    Even so, getting it right the first time is the most comfortable and fast, that's why we want to explain you how you can easily know your ring size.

    Ring sizes, see how to know yours.

    When we want a silver ring for one finger ring and we don't have any ring at home from which we can get the size, there are several things we can do to know our size.

    Ring sizes in Spain can be measured in cm or in mm, but the most usual in any ring size is to use the size number as in jewelry is to use the size number as in footwear that has an equivalence with the ring size in mm.

    This size equivalence is with the measurement of the circumference of our finger. Here we go!

    1. First we take a string or strip of paper no wider than 3mm. The cord should not be elastic or too thick.
    2. tallas anillos mujer
    3. We mark where the beginning and the end of the cord coincide.
    4. Measure the distance from the beginning of the cord to the mark you have made. This will be the circumference measurement.

    tallas de anillos

    You will probably have obtained a number between 48mm and 70mm, the size equivalence is very simple and follows the following rule:

    • 48mm > Size 8
    • 50mm > Size 10
    • 52mm > Size 12
    • 54mm > Size 14

    That is to say, for ring size 54 its equivalence is size 14 . As you will see every 2mm of circumference is equivalent to a size, and if you subtract 40 to the millimeters of the circumference the number you get is the size.

    Let's go to the second method.

    How to measure ring size

    Now I am going to quickly explain how to measure ring sizes.

    If you already have a ring and you want a new one for the same finger, it is easier and more accurate to get the size. Or you want to give a ring to someone and you need to get the size 😉.

    As getting the circumference and using the method we have seen above is a bit complicated, what we are going to do is to measure the inside diameter of the ring. It is very important that it is the inside diameter and that the ruler is as centered as possible.

    tallas anillos

    Now that we have the measurement we will multiply it by 3.1416 (it is the number pi, and you thought it was not going to be useful for anything in school 😛).

    The number that we will get after the multiplication will be the circumference of the ring, with this number and returning to the method of equivalence of sizes above and we can get the size of the ring.


    Measurement of the diameter of our ring: 16.5 millimeters.

    16,5 x 3,1416 = 51,83 >> 52 (rounded)

    If we go back to the above method we can see that ring size 52 is equivalent to ring size 12.

    Men's ring sizes

    You may be wondering if there is any other method to get men's ring sizes, but as you can imagine it is the same as the above methods.

    Typically men's ring sizes range from size 18 to 24, but it will depend on the finger and hand.

    Tip on ring sizes.

    The skilled hand will always be one size larger than the other. You should keep this in mind if you are going to buy a ring for someone or if you are trying on a ring in our jewelry stores. It can also help you to change hands rings, because in summer our hands swell and squeeze us and it can be uncomfortable to wear them sometimes.

    I hope this ring size guide has been useful for you. Now that you know how to size your fingers and rings, it will be easier for you. buy online silver rings in Alvent.

    Anyway I remind you that with any questions you have you can contact us by chat on the web, by Instagram and email that we will be happy to help you. We hope it has helped you, thank you very much for reading us.

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