How to adjust your silver earrings


As you know, many times the clasp of our earrings loosens from use and does not have the correct pressure to wear the earring securely in the ear.

Don't worry, we are going to explain in 2 simple steps how to do it so you can continue enjoying your fashion earrings. If you prefer, at the bottom of this page we have a video explaining how to do it.

First step

pendiente de plata suelto

The first thing to do is to take the nut or butterfly clasp of our earring. As we can see this clasp has two circles on the sides that are the ones that make the pressure so that the pin of our earring does not fall off.
In the image above we can see it.

Second step

If the clasp is too loose we will see that these circles will be too far apart. To adjust the clasp of our silver earrings and have the correct pressure we will have to join both circles to recover the pressure of the first day.
It is very simple, we take the clasp and from both sides we press inwards progressively. Now we can retest the pressure by inserting the pin of the earring again.
If we still feel that it is a little loose we can repeat the procedure.

If you are interested we have also a post where we explain you how to clean your silver jewelry comfortably at home and learn how to take care of them.

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