How to know if your new Jewel is silver

This method will not only help you to know if your jewelry is really silver earrings are really 925 silver, but you will also be able to know if a coin is silver or any other object.

To know if something is silver there are two very simple methods that we can do at home without having anything special. I will also explain additional methods that you can do to remove the doubts 100% if you still have them.

How to know if something is silver

Method 1

anillo de plata 925

First of all make sure that your jewelry is not black, you can learn how to clean your silver jewelry in our previous post, you can go by clicking here.

This method to know if a jewelry is silver is very simple and for them you will only have to inspect the jewelry. What we are going to look for is the hallmark of the sterling silver which is 925 or S925, in different countries they also tend to use a specific mark like in the UK they accompany it with a Lion's head and in France with the head of Minerva.

So take the piece you want to inspect and look for this mark. If the jewel you are checking is a 925 silver coin, you should look at the inside of the coin. silver ring you should look on the inside, with the naked eye you should be able to see the mark.

If it is a silver necklace or a bracelet the mark is usually behind the interpiece or on a small plate next to the clasp.

If instead what you want to inspect are a silver earrings depending on its design could be on the pin, which is the stick that goes to the ear or as in the earrings on the inside.

If you still have doubts or the mark does not look good you can try the following methods and find out if it is made of silver.

Method 2

oler joyas de plata

This method will seem super curious but it is 100% chemical and does not fail. And it turns out that jewelry made of silver does not produce any odor.

So if you bring the piece to your nose and it produces a smell reminiscent of keys for example, we will be after a piece that is not silver and is possibly a bad alloy for the skin with a very fine plating of sterling silver.

Method 3

paño para limpiar plata

Finally this method will help you to remove almost all doubts. For this we will need a silver cleaning cloth and metal cleaner like Sidol that you can easily find in supermarkets.

This test is to see if the piece has a bath and then check its oxidation.

With the metal cleaner we rub the piece vigorously so that the solution impregnated in the fabric takes effect. If the piece is silver we will see that black liquid is released, which is normal because it is the natural oxidation of silver. If on the contrary we see that it changes color and this becomes yellowish or dull we would be after a piece that is not sterling silver.

Another way is to take the silver jewelry and rub it with a silver cleaning cloth, if the cloth becomes black, as in the previous step, it will indicate that it is silver.

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